For students of grades 10-12 of schools and college graduate students!

For students of grades 10-12 of schools and college graduate students!

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For students of grades 10-12 of schools and college graduate students!

You are interested in a technical specialty, but where you haven’t decided yet what to do?

We have an offer - you have a unique opportunity!


The best technical university of the country - Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications named after Gumarbek Daukeev - in the period from June 6 to 20, 2020 holds the first AUPET Fest intellectual festival in the online format and invites everyone to take part in it.

The festival is aimed at students in grades 10-12 of schools, college graduates and provides the opportunity to win 100%, 50%, 25% and 10% discounts for one year of study under the undergraduate program.


Is this what you wanted and expected?

Want to know more and get involved?

Read on!

The program of the festival "AUPET Fest"



Online registration

May 6 - May 25, 2020

Stage I: Video essay

May 20 - June 5, 2020

Stage II: Testing of logical thinking

June 8 - June 12, 2020

Stage III: Testing in general education subjects

June 15 - June 20, 2020


The rules and conditions of participation:

Online registration:

• mandatory completion of all fields of the registration form;

• providing of reliable information;

• a prerequisite - writing a motivation letter for selection for the Festival.

The subject of the letter: “Why I want to (become) a participant in the intellectual festival “AUPET Fest ””.

Volume - 150-300 words (approximately 0.5 - 1 A4 page)

First step:

• To participate in the first stage of the Festival, each Participant who has passed the selection is sent an e-mail with the subject for the preparation of the video essay and instructions for completing the first stage to the e-mail indicated in the registration form;

• timing of the video being shot from 30 seconds to 60 seconds;

• the video is posted on the Member’s page on the Instagram network, with @aues_university marks and the following hashtags # auesfest2020, # energy forever, #totsamyenergo;

• the language of the motivation letter and the video business card must coincide with the language department chosen by the Participant (Kazakh or Russian);

• Participant's Instagram page should be open before the end of the Festival;

• the assignment is evaluated on a 100-point scale, where the participant receives 50 points from the jury, the remaining 50 points are awarded according to the number of likes on the personal page in the instagram. (1 point = 15 likes)

Second phase:

• takes the form of a test with open questions and answer options;

• each Participant is sent a message with an individual ID to the email specified in the registration form to pass testing on the arhit.test platform;

• total number of questions - 20, time for passing the test - 20 minutes;

• each question is rated at 5 points;

• Participants with less than 50 points are excluded from further participation in the Festival.

The third stage:

• conducted in the form of testing in general subjects;

• sections on which testing is conducted: physics, mathematics, English, Kazakh / Russian, general subjects (erudition);

• the total number of questions is 100, the time for delivery is 90 minutes;

• questions of each section are estimated at 20 points;

• complexity of questions: simple with one correct answer;

• testing takes place on the arhit.test platform.

The University reserves the right to change the conditions of the Festival and the rules for participation in it, as well as the number and level of discounts when changing external and internal factors.

Regulations on holding festival:Regulations on holding festival

Contact Information


Address: Baytursynuli 126/1

Call-center: +7 (707) 600-6419 / +7 (707) 600 6449