University student life

Why do we develop student life?

          «Ғибрат» is a unique club. The purpose of this club is not only to preserve, but also to develop the Kazakh language and traditions in the modern direction. The club has a talented group "Домбыра", whose members will be happy to teach you how to play this instrument, and the women's dance team "Freestyle". The most cheerful and resourceful club members have the opportunity to show their talent in the Kazakh League KVN – "Jaydarman" in the team "Gibrat". The club also organizes meetings with famous people. The purpose of these activities is the education of patriotism, the preservation of national values and the development of friendship. We invite you to join us! Let's create the foundation of conscious, educated, patriotic youth together!

ENACTUS AUPET is part of a global organization "Enactus KAZAKHSTAN". It is an international organization whose mission is to improve people's lives through entrepreneurial action. Here students develop leadership skills, ability to work in a team, apply theoretical knowledge in practice, teaching people the basics of market economy.

Ұлағат is a big family. Today, the club consists of about 80 students of our University from different regions of the country, who receive education in various specialties, but whose goals and interests are the same. The club " Ұлағат" have worked in our university since 2008. The general goal of the club is to promote the remaining heritage of the noble ancestors: language, traditions, national culture, and values; respect for the continuity of generations. Within this goal, the university held a patriotic conference with the participation of famous personalities, and organized poetry readings.

"CCC" (Children Charity Club) – a charity club. The purpose of this club is a help orphans.  Our organization works directly with orphanages. The main task of the club is to awaken kindness and responsiveness in the hearts of students, to get rid of indifferent view on the problems of other people. CCC volunteers every Sunday visits orphanages and talk to the children. We also organize children's leisure activities, i.e. holding concerts in the territory of the children's home and our university, sports competitions, fairs and many other activities that benefit the society. If you share our interests, join us. Perhaps you are the person who can change the world for the better!

StudiA315 is a creative laboratory where our students offer a creative approach to any ideas and their impeccable embodiment in a stylish, bright, memorable video! The most interesting moments from the life of the university guys fix in their own in bright, cheerful, instructive, and sometimes touching videos, gaining a significant number of views in social networks and on YouTube. Record - over 200 thousand views of only one video!

Students, united in the organizational sector, are engaged in the organization of events of various kinds. This is a great opportunity to improve your personal and organizational skills, to get a great experience in teamwork and management, to develop leadership skills and become more sociable and communicative person.

The Student Council of the hostel is a public self-government body of the hostel.  It is formed from the number of students and undergraduates living in the hostel. The Student Council is created in order to organize educational, cultural, sports work and improve the living conditions of the hostel. Under the leadership of the Student Council meetings with teachers, scientists and figures of literature, science and art, discos, theme nights, sports competitions are held.

КВН АУЭС (russian league) is an internal open student League. It helps to develop creative abilities of students of the University, to reveal and support young talents. One of the purposes of the league is promote the game of КВН among students of Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications. Various teams of our university and teams - guests from other universities compete in wit, play pre-prepared scenes and improvise on given topics. Experienced league mentors help to develop the talents of new players in the КВН.

"Jaydarman AUES" is an open internal student league based on the games of the Union of KVN Kazakhstan "Jaydarman", active students are included, which are united by social, cultural and everyday humor, ready to give a good mood and excellent humor to those around. Very often in the assembly hall of our university "Jaydarman" is held so that the teams can compete with each other and develop, and the members of the club could demonstrate in all their glory their talent, resourcefulness and giftedness on the stage. Many students are not limited to the university league and united in teams, successfully perform in the games of the city and even the national league.

Aupet debate club (Russian League) is a club that develops the skills of public speaking, logic, critical thinking and leadership skills among students at our university. The purpose of the club are: formation of socially-politically oriented citizens of the society, development of critical thinking, public speaking skills, communication skills of club members, attracting public attention to the most pressing issues, development of compromise potential implemented in practice decisions on the issues discussed, contributing to the development and strengthening of the Kazakhstan and international debate movement.

UNIX is a music club created by the trade committee of AUES students.  The name "UNIX" comes from the word “unique”.  The mission is to develop students' musical, instrumental and vocal collaboration.The goal of our club is to develop and familiarize students with the values ​​of classical and modern musical culture.The basis of the objectives of our club is to help students overcome their fear of the stage.Musical knowledge, skills, development of musical abilities, tastes, ideals, inspiring personalities in practical musical and aesthetic activities.

AUPET Dance club is a creative voluntary dance group of students of the University, which is created to promote the culture and traditions of dance styles and create conditions for the creative self-realization of students of the University. If you know how to dance and you have a well-developed sense of rhythm, join us!