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The transformation strategy until 2025
The strategic development plan of AUPET for 2018-2020.

The internationalization of higher education is characterized by the level of academic mobility of students and teachers, the internationalization of curricula and programs, the creation of regional and international university networks. The Ministry of Education and Science is currently doing a lot of work to improve the quality of education in Kazakhstani universities. The main issue on the current agenda is the implementation of the principles of academic freedom of domestic universities, which will give impetus to the development of educational services.

The internationalization strategy for 2018-2020
Ecology policy

The goals of the Non-profit Joint-Stock Company "AUPET named after Gumarbek Daukeev" in the field of quality for the 2019-2020 academic year. The University, guided by the Quality Policy, sets the following goals: - Organization of the development of educational programs in English; - to open at least two new two diploma educational programs and expand the number of specialties in two diploma education and other types of cooperation with foreign universities;

Politics and Goals

MISSION. The formation of the best intellectual resources of the national economy ща knowledge and the most advanced technologies for the industrial and innovative development of the country, adapted to the conditions of world integration and globalization.

VISION. By 2025 AUPET will become an advanced research university in Central Asia in the field of energy, telecommunications, information and aerospace technologies.

Mission and goals