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Sagintayeva Saule Savetovna

RECTOR of  the “AUES named after Gumarbek Daukeev” NJSC
Professor of mathematics, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences,
Doctor of Economics, Academician of the International Informatization Academy

Welcome to the website of Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications!
You have become a member of a large and friendly team of AUPET - one of the leading higher educational institutions of a technical profile in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.
The history of formation and development of the Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications began in 1960, when an energy faculty was established at the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute to train energy engineers.

In 1975, the faculty was transformed into an independent university - the Almaty Energy Institute. From that moment till these days Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications has been a leader in personnel training for the energy, aerospace and IT industries in the national education system and in the post-Soviet space.
Today AUPET is - a sound academic background and advanced knowledge, relevant scientific research and real student projects.
AUPET today is a university recognized by the state and society, by the academic and professional community, that is confirmed by state certification of the university and accreditation of all its educational programs.
AUPET this is more than 40 thousand successful graduates who occupy leading positions in government bodies, work at all levels of the real economy sector and make a significant contribution to the development of the country's economy, science and education.
AUPET is a student life, full of great victories in study and sport, bright and unforgettable events.
AUPET adheres to the principle “Learning - Throughout Life” and carries out a continuous cycle of education: College - Bachelor's program - Master's program - Doctoral PhD - MBA - engineering and teaching staff development of competence.
AUPET diploma is a quality guarantee and a key to successful employment!
The whole university activities are aimed at creating conditions for students, their personal growth and professional development.
AUPET has extensive international relations and provides exciting possibilities for students and teachers to study and take internships at partner universities.
I wish applicants the right choice of their future profession; students, undergraduates and doctoral students - successful studies, and colleagues - fruitful work in fulfilling a high mission - the education of worthy citizens of our country.
Together we all - set high goals and confidently keep pace with the times.


Question: What subjects need to be selected in order to enter the AUES for the undergraduate program?


For admission to AUES for any specialty, it is necessary to select specialized subjects of mathematics and physics.

Question: Is it possible to enter the AUES for a state grant?


Yes, all AUES specialties participate in the competition for state grants

Question: When does the acceptance of documents to the university begin?


Acceptance of documents for paid tuition from February 1 to August 25.

Question: Are there preparatory courses at AUPET?


Yes, the university has preparatory courses for UNT for 11 classes.

Question: What is the cost of training?


The cost of training at AUES is about 700,000 tenge per year, depending on the chosen specialty. You can find more detailed information on tuition fees HERE.

Question: What documents must be submitted for admission to the undergraduate program?



Document on education and applications (original);

Certificate of UNT and KTA;

Two photographs (3x4 in size);

Medical record in the form of 086-U (with a picture of fluorography);

Passport of the child’s health (vaccination card);

Copy of identity document

Along with copies of documents, originals for verification are provided. After reconciliation, the originals are returned.

Question: Where to apply?


To the selection committee of the Almaty University of Energy and Communications at the address: st. Baytursynova 126/1, building A, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Question: Will the early submission of documents affect my admission?


No, it will not. It matters whether you met the deadlines.

Question: How are college entrance exams?


Entrance exams will be in the form of testing.

Testing based on 11 classes in the following subjects:

Kazakh (Russian) language

History of Kazakhstan


Physics (for specialty - 1306000 Radio electronics and communications)

Testing based on 9 classes in the following subjects:

Kazakh (Russian) language.


Physics (for specialty - 1306000 Radio electronics and communications)

Question: What documents are required for college admission?


For admission to college, the following documents should be submitted to the selection committee:

  1. Statement;
  2. Certificate of basic secondary education (after grade 9) or a certificate of general secondary education (after grade 11) with attachments original + copy;
  3. Certificate * on the results of UNT (after grade 11) original;
  4. A medical certificate in the form of No. 086-U with the attachment of a fluoroscopic image (for disabled people of groups I and II and disabled people from childhood - a medical and social examination report);
  5. Passport of the child’s health (or vaccination card form 063);
  6. Photos (size 3x4) - 6 pcs.;
  7. Identity card or birth certificate and IIN original + 3 copies;
  8. Registration certificate for boys over 16 years old (address certificate).

Question: When is the acceptance of documents received at AUES College?


Full-time studies are conducted from June 20 to August 20. For part-time studies from June 20 to September 20.

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