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Innovations of Unified National Testing - 2020 24/04/2020
Innovations of Unified National Testing - 2020
On April 23, the first online open door day for applicants was held at AUPET named after Gumarbek Daukeev! 24/04/2020
On April 23, the first online open door day for applicants was held at AUPET named after Gumarbek Daukeev!

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Question: What profile subjects do you need to choose for entrance to AUPET?


Profile subjects: mathematics & physics

Question: What is the passing score?


AUPET passing score is 50. For each subject, at least 5 points

Question: How to apply for a grant?


Grants are allocated to a group of educational programs, not to a university. Grants are distributed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. You can apply for participation in the competition of state grants at any Kazakh university. In the competition of state grants, the points of Unified National Testing for June are taken into account. To participate in the competition for state grants, you need to submit documents to the selection committee and fill out the form, indicating the group of educational programs and university

Question: Is there a hostel for nonresident students?


Yes, we have 3 hostels. At the moment there are 1621 beds in the dormitories of AUPET

Question: What process do you need to go through to settle in the hostel? Which documents?


It is necessary to submit a standard application.

For applicants arriving from other regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the  secretary of the Admissions Committee.

List of documents:

1. Application.

2. ID card (copy).

3. 3- photographs 3 \ 4.

4. certificate of residence (from the Center for Population Services).

For senior students (to the Student Services Center):

1. Application.

2. ID card (copy).

3. student card.

Dormitory places for students and applicants are distributed at a meeting of the special commission. All students who submit applications are notified by placing an order on the official social pages of AUPET about the decision made by the commission. Leases are signed with persons whose statements have been approved by the commission or the Director of the Department of Youth Policy

Question: When does the reception of documents begin?


The AUPET selection committee works from February 1 to August 25.

Question: Where can I get a full consultation on admission to AUPET?


You can call the Call center +7(707) 600-6419, +7(707) 600-6449 or to the Executive Secretary of the admissions Committee of the University Almuratova Kamshat Bimuratovna: +7 (708) 551-7701, +7 (707) 600-6493; email: pk@aues.kz