Askhat Aymagambetov: “We hope that the next academic year will be held at schools”

 Askhat Aymagambetov: “We hope that the next academic year will be held at schools”

19.05.2020 Все новости

Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askhat Aymagambetov wrote a post on Facebook addressed to parents who are worried about the future format of education. The head of the Ministry of Education and Science also told how school graduates will submit documents to universities, as well as the rules for admission to kindergartens and schools.

The Minister of Education noted that distance learning is a necessary measure. The main thing is to preserve the health of students and teachers, but at the same time not to interrupt the learning process. “I believe that, despite some problems, the whole process was organized,” said Askhat Aymagambetov. - Nevertheless, children, parents, teachers and the ministry - we all understand that today the most effective and convenient format is traditional full-time education at school. Nobody cancels the traditional form of full-time study. ”

The head of the Ministry of Education and Science noted that distance learning technologies and informatization should be further developed in schools.

“Take, for example, a situation where schoolchildren skip classes due to weather conditions and then catch up on missed material on the program. Or a situation when a child is engaged at home for health reasons, etc. Distance learning can also be seen as an additional opportunity, alternative, and condition for providing program flexibility. We all understand that studying at school in the familiar full-time format for all of us today is the best solution, and we hope that the next academic year will be held in schools, ”the Minister expressed hope.

Askhat Aymagambetov also spoke in his Facebook about changes in the rules for admission to kindergartens, schools, colleges and universities. The main changes concerned the automation of processes, the reduction of workflow, simplification of procedures, time shifting and reception conditions.

For preschool organizations - now parents can receive queuing services not only through the office of the education department, but also independently through the web portal "Electronic Government" or "Government for Citizens." There is no need to collect a huge number of documents. For the first time, children of teachers and children from families with a disabled child were included in the preferential category for primary enrollment in kindergartens.

In addition, the process of allocation of free places in preschool organizations was systematized. If earlier, after the distribution of vacant seats among privileged category children, after three days access to new places was open to all who stood in line, now now the places will be opened by the next first 1,000 applicants.

Admission to schools from next year: acceptance of documents for first graders will not begin in June, but much earlier, from April 1, and will last until August 1.

As the minister noted, this is convenient for parents. They will have the opportunity to pre-determine the school, collect the necessary documents for admission and do it not on summer vacation, when parents need to prepare their children for school. And the school leadership will be able to complete classes in advance, purchase the necessary number of textbooks and deliver them on time, distribute hours, determine the composition of teachers depending on the number of classes.

“All of these processes will be fully automated and accessible through e-government.” Just through the portal, while being at home, it will be possible to apply for admission to Grade 1 with minimal time and other resources, ”the head of the Ministry of Education and Science wrote. - Transfer of students from one school to another will also be automated. That is, now parents will not have to go from one school to another and submit documents in paper format, draw up a document for dropout at the old school, and then an arrival document. We will complete this work in the near future. ”

Admission to colleges and universities will also be available automatically this year. “Now there will be no need to buy folders, envelopes, bring a bunch of paper certificates, from early morning to stand in the lines of admissions committees of universities and colleges, or go to another settlement. All this is now becoming easier and more convenient, with one click you can submit all the documents, ”Askhat Aymagambetov said at a hardware meeting.

The service for receiving documents will become composite. By submitting documents to the selection committee, needy applicants will automatically receive food services and the provision of a place in a hostel.

- If earlier for each service (free meals, receiving a hostel) it was necessary to write a separate application, collect documents, now the applicant submits one document. And further from the information system we see his social status, address, and proactively he sees the service of food and dormitory, the minister said.

Also last week, the acceptance of documents for the Unified National Testing -2020 was completed. Applications were accepted online and traditionally from April 15 to May 10, 2020. The number of people wishing to take part in the Unified National Testing this year was 131,471 people, of which 111,017 were graduates of schools of the current year, 20,454 were graduates of schools of past years and college graduates. In general, the number of applications increased by 12%. To participate in the Unified National Testing, more than 100 thousand applications were submitted in online format, the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan said.