Young professionals without work experience are ready to take on paid practice

21.05.2020 Все объявления


Young professionals without work experience are ready to take on paid practice. The state program "Enbek" is being successfully implemented in Almaty. One of its directions is youth practice. Thanks to this program, college and university graduates can get their first work experience. And enterprises can find for themselves good specialists.

The Employment Center of Almaty City Akimat invites unemployed university graduates to participate in the YOUTH PRACTICE program.

Youth practice is organized for graduates of educational institutions in order to obtain initial experience in the acquired profession (specialty). Graduates undergo youth practice in organizations of various forms of ownership, including state organizations, as well as private enterprises, such as: Consult Consult Service, BEST SYSTEM SOLUTION GROUP LLP, ATI GROUP LLP. Experience in such organizations is a good foundation for the future career of a young specialist.

Youth practice is:

-the ability to obtain primary work experience in the specialty;

-the possibility of further employment;

-increasing competitiveness in the labor market among young people.

Unemployed people under 29 years old and for 3 years after graduating from university are sent to youth practice.

The duration of youth practice is 6 months.

Labor remuneration is 69,450 tenge (including taxes, mandatory social contributions, compensation for unused labor leave, and banking services), is carried out by the Employment Center on a monthly basis.

About 328 organizations are ready to take youth practice of young specialists, enterprises offer about 2,771 jobs.

For more information, please contact tel. : 224 20 00 and 221-66-11.

The list of organizations and vacancies for the Youth Practice program is available on the CZ-ALMATY website. KZ in the "News" section